Radial Long Text Complication / Open Tiles from watchface

I am trying to build a long text complication close to the bezel and could not find anything apart from radial text itself. Is it possible at all?



When you say you are trying to build a complication do you mean your own complication such as a progress bar or text box using tags, or are you trying to use a large box slot type with Long Text option?

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If you trying to use the long box complication. Then you need to use e.g circle progress bar , or arc text

Thanks @r.liechty_SDR @Knightwing

My App contains a watchface and some tiles, created in Android Studio.

I want to open tiles based on tap of the watchface.

The idea is, to have radial text close to the bezel, to show e.g. lat/lon or health data, which should open another tile on tap.

Currently I have added my own render logic, but it is super inefficient compared to tiles and activities made with jetpack compose.

So I reasoned, either I need a complication or other ways to open a tile:

Am I right that I need to have a complication to open the tile and show data from the tile,
or is it possible to open any bundled tile with a function call (which I did not find yet)?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, beyond me and scope of wfs. To link to titles.

Unless you mean app?

Yeah, I think beyond WFS, I have now an app and a watchface, both in android studio.

Maybe there is a better way, e.g. launch an app activity view from a watchface tap?

Not too experienced in Wear OS and Android.

Its depends what u looking for tiles as those u see when swiping. Or tap to a app id?

U can try tap action with app id

I’m not all up on Tiles but I believe they work this way at least on the Galaxy Watch
You can add a tile in the Wearable app or on your watch you swipe past all the preinstalled tiles and click on the + sign.
You can remove Tiles you don’t want by long pressing on them and use the minus icon to remove them from the tile list.

Then the end user swipes the watch face from right to left and the tile appears.

It is just a quick way to launch the app quickly. You can do this with a tap action in Watch Face Studio either by setting the app ID or by having a complication be the App chooser complication (Tap twice to select app then from then on it opens with one tap).

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