RAW/Pro mode for tele cameras on S21 Ultra

S21 Ultra is a powerful machine regarding to camera capabilities, but to be recognized as a full fledged “pro” camera, users should be able to have acess to Pro mode for the tele modules too, as well as camera2 API capabilities.

I’d like to see a setting to reduce the sharpening, noise reduction, and contrast. Basically like the vivid vs natural display setting.


Yes a full Camera2api support in all lenses required with RAW10 Support as same device in US region support it but international model doesn’t.


Yes, the sharpening in auto mode (with or without scene optimiser) is really overdone especially on the Ultrawide lens. The difference is really huge when you compare it to a shot taken in pro mode.

Anyway I fully agree that we should have option to use both telephoto lenses in Pro mode and be able to capture raw (especially when raw capture is enabled on snapdragon and disabled on Exynos god knows why)


I’d like the refinements to also include expanded options in the regular shooting mode.
Give us access to 12 or 10 bit files when saving to the HEIC file format.
Also, please let us pick image compression level. A lot of the issues with over-sharpening on current pictures looks to be related to the aggressive compression used, both on photo and video.



Well, this is now the second most requested feature.
Is there a way to know if samsung is working on it besides the “accepted” status on that other request?


I have a petition here also on this subject


As someone who likes to shoot in RAW, it’s odd that I can only shoot RAW on some lenses and not others. It’d be nice to have consistency across all four cameras in terms of feature set.

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link to the forum post please, i’d like to watch it since im waiting on getting those ids for an app that im developing.

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looks like this post actually got deleted ! i cannot find it! , tried search, google and everything, finally got a post link from XDA and it says not found ! is samsung hiding something???

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So there is hope but no nothing but hope Samsung working to enable Pro Mode for telephoto lens for select Galaxy phones - Sammy Fans

I’m actually thinking to jump to Sony 1 III to get a full pro mode, nevertheless I definitely prefer to get it on my S21 Ultra. I feel disappointed.

Samsung, please give us something concrete regarding Pro Mode with all the lenses.

Indeed, the honing in auto mode (with or without scene optimiser) is truly exaggerated particularly on the Ultrawide focal point. The thing that matters is truly enormous when you contrast it with a shot taken in star mode.

At any rate I completely concur that we ought to have choice to utilize both zooming focal points in Pro mode and have the option to catch crude (particularly when crude catch is empowered on snapdragon and crippled on Exynos god knows why)