Registering my automation: confirmation cycle won't confirm

We are an old Groovy IDE and trying to get to the new APIs before end of year.
I entered the developer workspace information and have the appId, and a valid HTTPS webhook endpoint. From my browser I can touch the endpoint but the developer registration page says :

SmartThings is not able to verify the registration of the WebHook SmartApp. Please make sure your app is available and properly implemented, and verify again. [Learn more]

About a year ago this worked on our old server. So thinking everything was expired I deleted the old project and created a new one. I can reach the https endpoint via my browser without a problem .

But I can’t get the confirmation request pushed to my webhook endpoint either from the developer workspace or a verify request for the confirmatioUrl

About the only thing I did not do is create GitHub acct. Which I will do later. I issued a signature request and that comes back with a 202 status (expected and OK). So the only thing that is different is that

  1. I don’t have a github account
  2. I’m working from a different development server than previously, but its a subdomain from our normal site which should not make any difference.

My thoughts are its expired over a year ago and I guess I should re-request my organizations application request to be a developer organization

Thx for any ideas