Registering my automation: confirmation cycle won't confirm

We are an old Groovy IDE and trying to get to the new APIs before end of year.
I entered the developer workspace information and have the appId, and a valid HTTPS webhook endpoint. From my browser I can touch the endpoint but the developer registration page says :

SmartThings is not able to verify the registration of the WebHook SmartApp. Please make sure your app is available and properly implemented, and verify again. [Learn more]

About a year ago this worked on our old server. So thinking everything was expired I deleted the old project and created a new one. I can reach the https endpoint via my browser without a problem .

But I can’t get the confirmation request pushed to my webhook endpoint either from the developer workspace or a verify request for the confirmatioUrl

About the only thing I did not do is create GitHub acct. Which I will do later. I issued a signature request and that comes back with a 202 status (expected and OK). So the only thing that is different is that

  1. I don’t have a github account
  2. I’m working from a different development server than previously, but its a subdomain from our normal site which should not make any difference.

My thoughts are its expired over a year ago and I guess I should re-request my organizations application request to be a developer organization

Thx for any ideas


Confirmation works now but can’t get my response to the CONFIGURATION lifecycle with phase ‘INITIALIZATION’. platform sends the request but I don’t see my reply in the live longer. the JSON format matches as in the doc. Will the live longer see my response?

logger for longer…sheez

Hi @fred ,

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Ok, thanks for the response. So my problems are in the new webhook smartapp, the documentation is horrendous and just enough to take you down many rabbit holes where you find yourself guessing and experimenting. I’ll try the community and and see if they have any experience going from the cloud based Groovy IDE to the new API model… Feeling the pressure to get moved over especially since this morning I was trying to add a new customer and now for the first time the Groovy IDE is not publishing our Smartapp…sigh