Remote Galaxy Store

We are having difficulties with reaching the ranking data in the markets. Remote Galaxy Store has ended. Only solution is to use Remote Test Lab but limited with only 4 countries and it’s not easy to connect to the devices, and lots of problems.

What we need to is to access to the store rankings from our seller’s page. We just need an html page, not remote store, or not remote device.

Hope this can be done.

Hi Serdar,

If you have an unlocked device you can use a SIM card from various countries to access the store. They don’t need to be active an expired SIM card will work or a pre-paid SIM Card that without buying minutes.

The other option is to have a VPN client and if you only want the US that is fairly easy and inexpensive.

Samsung Developer Program is aware of the issue and removing the Remote Galaxy Store was a hard decision but based on many factors it was the correct decision.
I will bring this up as a feature request with the team.

Samsung Developer Program