Request for an updated Color Picker (Theme Swatch)

The current color swatch provides only up to 65 colors which can get messy and cannot be organized in ANY way. Because we work on a lot of themes with different varieties of colors, 65 are not enough.

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Galaxy Themes Studio

Detail description of the Feature Request:
I would suggest for a Theme Swatch which would work as a separate category of the general swatch, something like this:

The Theme Swatch colors would be saved in the STP file itself so every theme would have their own Theme Swatch. The way the colors would get put into the Theme Swatch is either:
1 - Theme Studio automatically takes every color used in the theme and adds it in the Theme Swatch
2- We could manually add colors to the Theme Swatch through a dedicated button:

HUGE time-saver.

I’m agree with you @Durim.
All colors must be loaded along with theme, so we don’t need to add them in swatches again during update process.

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Seems like before (pre 9.0.23 maybe?) swatches were only held during a GTS session. I didn’t mind this so much as I could load the theme, set up the swatches and go. If I needed a new set, I just closed GTS and reopened it. Now, with swatches being held indefinitely, I’ve got unrelated colors showing across all themes. =(

I agree, we either need a way to assign swatches to a theme, or the ability to wipe swatches out. Holding them indefinitely is just a mess.