Run On Device autoselect device if only 1

When I press Run On Device, I have to wait while WFS analyzes the watch face, then I have to select the device to run it on. Which is an unnecessary step when their is only the one device in the list.
Anyone know how to have it auto Run On the one and only Device?

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There is no option to autoselect for only 1 device. There are reasons to analyze before deploying on the device. If the OPR value is greater than 15%, the WFS tool will not give the option to deploy the watch face. To optimize the battery performance this concept is addressed.

Thankyou. I get why analyze is required, I was just getting at the fact I had to sit throiugh that, THEN get the option to select device. Giev the whole process takes 30+secs, I’d like to press ROD then go get a coffee but I have to sit and wait just to select my device. If I could select it immediately after pressing ROD, before analyze, that would be easier.
I know its only a small wait so I’ll cope. Just wanted to know if there was an easy way around this, and it appears not.

Thanks for your explanation. This would be great if something worked like this. If just one device is connected and OPR is less than 15 it can be selected automatically and deployed :smiley: