Run on GWD watch problems

So I was completely new to clock face designing but now I’m ready to give the Galaxy Watch 46mm a try. This is where the real problem starts and the documentation is confusing and / or ambiguous.

So I installed SD Boover Bit on my phone (S20 Ultra). Developer options has been activated. USB debugging is enabled. This phone is connected to my Mac via USB.

The developer options on the watch also connect to the phone via Bluetooth on (always) and connect to the same Wi-Fi as the phone.

So when I try to go to the phone, I lie down for the scan to connect and rejoice for a while until it’s finished.

Whatever I do, it gets nothing. Should it be complicated? I have tried restarting every possible device.

For explanation try connecting to my phone so copy the watch face there and move the watch around all the time as usual or directly from the watch I’m trying to connect then why is my phone developer active?

Please help me

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I’m not sure on SDBoverBT I’m not sure it works with Mac computers. For Wireless the SDB that is included with Galaxy Watch Studio for Mac does not work very well with Catalina and GWS is not working with Big Sur at all so don’t upgrade to it.

You can A: Contact tech support and request they send you a Mac SDB that is compatible with Catalina. and install as below Or

install Tizen studio 3.3 and note where it installs to.
Open the location of Tizen Studio “tizen-studio” folder.
Open the “tools” folder within this folder.
Note the “sdb” program
Now find your GalaxyWatchDesigner in the MacOS Applications folder.
Right click on the file and choose “Show package contents”
Open the “tizen” folder
Open the “tools” folder
Drag the Tizen Studio sdb version of the file and drop in in the tools folder of the package tools folder overwriting the other sdb file.
Close the package
Now you run the designer, it will connect without the sdb error.
Keep a copy of this good sdb file in a safe place just in case you need to do this again after the next update.

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