Same Firmware as Validation Team

I don’t know if it is possible, I use a Galaxy Note 10 Plus myself and see that the validation team in the store mostly tests for newer firmware that has not yet been released.

For example the official Firmware for Note 10 Plus SM-N975F is N975FXXS1BSLD, but the Validation Team has last test on Build N975FXXU2BTA3, maybe if it’s possible to get there a Beta Access to receive the same Firmware Builds as the validaton team, this can help to indicate and report Issues to fix them before the official Firmware Release


Hi Alexander,

I heard from the reveiw team and they believe our tester should always test it with the latest firmware at the market.
If Sellers didn’t receive the latest firmware on their devices yet, due to some firmware schedule, maybe they can instead utilize our Remote Test Lab during the period?

Sorry for the long delay in a response.

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