Samsung Guru App Development

There are ample resources for learning how to develop apps for smart-phones. My question is, how can I develop apps for dumb-phones?

Specifically, I have with me a Samsung Guru phone (common model in India) and I’m wondering how I would go about writing an app for it. There are a few variations, such as Samsung Guru 1200, Samsung Guru Music 2, and Samsung Guru FM Plus. The one I have is FM Plus but I imagine they’re similar under the hood.

As you might guess, this is more for fun than anything else, a personal project; no one seriously develops apps for these phones but I just want to take it as a challenge. They have an Applications section in the menu where there’s a calculator, notepad, stopwatch, unit converter, etc. and some simple games, so I know it’s possible.

But how would I go about implementing it? What language are they built with? Where are the applications stored on the phone? Where can I learn more about this? Any other facts you think I should know about this would be welcome! MyBalanceNow

Hello Carmelo,

I am not familiar with those phones. They appear to be “Bricked” where you get what you get and that is all but I’m not sure. I did get a contact for you Samsung India Support I would try them and see if they can help.

Samsung Developer Relations