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Are here any devs here who were responsible for the latest update? (Tablet in my case).
I have questions…

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product concerns. This forum is for 3rd party developer issues.

Samsung does not comment on unannounced updates or releases. I know that some older tablets hardware is not compatible with newer Android versions you can usually find if your device can be updated with a google search.

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed at some point.

Samsung Developer Program

There was nowhere else to comment, it was samsung support sent me to the dev forum.
My device is up to date (its new!). I want those responsible for horrible changes in the latest update to explain why they have made horrible changes and give no option for users to choose previous view over the crud thats been done.
Devs never take responsibility, they hide away so they can’t be contacted to ask why they screw things up which were perfectly fine before their unnecessary ego tinkering.
Therefore, as a paying customer who Samsung sent specifically to the forum on this point, please leave my post there until someone comes forward to explain themselves…

Furious and likely soon to be a very vocal ex Samsung customer

I’m sorry that Samsung user support sent you here for some reason they do it quite often.

It was probably the Android version update that changed a lot. OneUI which is Samsung’s addition did not change much that I noticed with my last update but I have a 2 year old Tablet. If it is the hardware then it is Samsung issue.

You can voice your problems in the Community, they should not censor you and other users might be of help. If you have a service provider for your tablet then you can voice it in their community too. Samsung does listen to the customers but they don’t reply.

I hope you grow to like your tablet and I apologize for seeming to be harsh to you.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you :hugs:

To whomever has ruined what was perfectly fine:

The issue right now is the change to the view when more than one app is open (where you choose to close an app or fully open it).
Before the crappy update, the view of each app was large enough to be able to read content, which was perfect as it was possible to have those on view side by side while taking notes.
Now, they are stupid little things which are not readable, which means having to fully open each thing to make a note, minimise, then fully open the next, back and forth etc etc etc, so now, its unworkable (for me) plus for who knows what reason, the background to those minimal crappy unreadables, is now blurred out to sea sick level.
What they hell were they thinking??
And no way to change the view back to what WORKED, because of course the dev responsible thinks he or she has produced some epic work of perfection!
Well no, it damned well isn’t, it’s utter kack!!!
I might as well bin the thing, I can’t use it the way I need to anymore, and feel nauseous at the crappy blur!

So, devs, why are these things done with NO thought to the users, and with no CHOICE options to enable us to view what actually works for US?

No doubt the dev or devs responsble for rendering my new tablet unusable for my needs won’t bother answering. If anyone knows any hacks to put that view back to normal, please help!!