Saving User Settings On Galaxy Watches

When a watch is turned off or a user selects a different watch face all the custom settings for images or localization are lost. Galaxy Watch Designer should save the settings and restore them the next time the watch face is activated.

This should be by default. I hope it will be introduced soon.


The developers that work with tizen studio do not have this problem.
You have to know how to program.

I hope they can save setting for AOD too!

yes , I am totally agreed with you

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I also agree, there are some customers who have complained about this detail, it would be great if it could be included

I also agree, Thanks for the useful information i really appreciated.
Thank for your guidance.

Totally agree with you.

This should be by default. I hope it will be introduced soon.


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This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and basically this is a platform issue. They said that while Galaxy Watch Designer is not a app development tool, that more customization options are planned but did not give details on what that entailed.

Samsung Developer Program

That would be a great feature!