Seconds loop

Hey my friends, i have a question…

I would like the second hand to repeat itself over and over again. But somehow he only does that for the first 60 seconds. Can I somehow set it to start over and over again? Like a pointer actually

Here you can see what i mean…

What you are wanting to do is very easy.
look at the video that is inside the zip file, once you make the selection use right click and the loop option will appear

2020-06-20 (571.8 KB)

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oh man… i´m so stupid thx…

But i have a new problem :smiley:

Maybe you can help me…

He you can see the problem

I want that if he continues normally but somehow it hangs 1 second behind and I don’t know why

the problem is that the last image is all white, that is why it is not seen all green.