Security risks with JU6400

Hi all,
when I launch my app on the JU6400 TV, it doesn’t generate ontransitionstrart events, while if I launch the same app on the TV extension 6.5 simulator the events are generated.

So, I’ll try to download the TV extension 1.0 (the one for j-series), but in the archive page there is this sentence: “Due to a few security issues, the TV Extension 2.0 version for Tizen 2.4 and the TV Extension 1.0 version for Tizen 2.3 are not provided more.”

My doubt now is: the same security iusses are present even in real smart-tv? It’s a risk if I navigate/use app with my TV? Is there a way to patch my tv browser?


Since no one responded, I would suggest you open this as a FAQ & Q/A on the Smart TV Seller Office site. They can help you better there.

Samsung Developer Relations