Set TAP hot spot

Hey all, me again with yet another question. :grin:

Are you able to set an active LOCATION for the TAP function on an image that uses the ENTIRE face, rather than all of it?

EXAMPLE: I want to use the TAP to CHANGE MEDIA option for a background image, but also have a custom, full-face second hand, that animates via TAP as well. Both are full-face graphics.

How do I get both?

Thanks much!

If you want to provide users with customization options, it is recommended to use “Style” and “Customization Editor” menu rather than using TAP event.

If you want to set TAP action to both components that are overlapped at the same position, it is not possible. Only upper component will work correctly, because the TAP event is consumed by the first encountered component.

If you want to use TAP event for both “media change” action and the trigger condition for multimedia play, this may be thought to be a conflict between change and play, but WFS handles it to play after change.

I hope it can help you.