Sm-g973f WiFi connection issues

Since update to G973FXXU8DTH7 WiFi does not want to go off access points when there is a stronger signal nearby.e.g. Ap1 on 2.5 GHz. AP2 is on 5ghz extended from Ap1. Can walk from Ap1 to AP2, where 2.4 is about to drop but phone does not connect to AP2 which is a stronger signal phone does not attempt to connect. Even though both Aps are saved networks. This is even worse in an office environment sometimes the first access point can be dropped and the remaining access points which are available are not even connected to even though the the signal is good. You have to manually toggle Wi-Fi for it to see that there are stronger access points nearby or go into Wi-Fi settings and manually select. Tested with galaxy S5 and dial Xiaomi MI5 at the same time and they correctly connected to the second access point

On all other devices

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