Solar dial apple watch face for galaxy

can anyone help me where can i convert solar dial apple watch face to samsung or anyone created the same before?

Of course no one can sell a Watch Face copyrighted by Apple but there may be something similar.

Galaxy Watches have two different operating systems one is for Tizen (Galaxy Watch3 and older) and Wear OS for Galaxy Watch 4 and newer. What were you looking for.

Let me know and I’ll move this to the proper forum for watch designers.

Samsung Developer Relations

If you mean something like this,

then even if it was made for Galaxy Watch, it was not made using GWS nor WFS. They both lack usable tags for sunset/sunrise times.

Thanks for the reply. I mean similar design. Wear OS please


Because WFS does not support weather API and the only way to get sunrise and sunset information is from Weather API you will need to use Android Studio to develop such a watch face.

Samsung Developer Relations