[SOLVED]Error message 'Preview image does not exist'

Since I update to WFS 1.1.14 , when I want to build my project, I have the error message ‘Preview image does not exist’.

Any help
(i’m on Windows 10)
Thank you

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If that so then use custom preview image from build section.

In fact, I haven’t seen that in the build section I can scroll down.
Thank you for the answer .

When you open the Run/Preview windows and take a screen shot it should tell you where that is located. Make sure that is in a path that is visible by WFS for example Workspace\Screenshot

I’ve noticed some others not finding resources, etc. and my guess is they went from installing to only one user to installing for all users and that changes the locations.

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When I click the capture button it appears that nothing happens. I went to options but didn’t see one to select where the image should go. I don’t even know what the default name of the image would be, so I can’t even do a search to find it. I wish the application/software was clearer.

I think I found the issue. If you have it on Watch the screen shot doesn’t work. You need just the circle watch face.

I’ll report this as a bug.

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Thank you for your quick response, @r.liechty_SDP
I have it on “Circle type”. I click the camera icon and nothing happens. I was told to go to /Users/yourprofilename/WatchFaceStudio/screenshot/yourprojectname_numbers but when I get to the WatchFaceStudio folder there is no screenshot subfolder. If I must, I can just do a screenshot with the print screen button on my keyboard, but the quality isn’t as good.

We can cheat build your project then rename your project from .wfs to .zip and open the zip file
In that there should be a latest_preview_image.png or something like that and copy that image. If you don’t have an image then there is something else wrong.

You can try to reinstall WFS to see if that makes a difference if you do write down your keystore path (it is the .jks file not the folder) and they keystore alias in your build setting. That gets deleted if you do an uninstall instead of an update.

I expect a new version of Watch Face Studio soon if this still won’t take a preview image let me know. I checked the bug reports and there are no bug reports about this there.

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