Some of the bugs I've encountered with WFS

Some of the bugs I’ve encountered with WFS:

  1. The heart rate value on the watch often shows 0.
  2. WFS does not display the downloaded font in the overview, but the downloaded font is displayed on the watch.
  3. Bitmap is not displayed on the watch when adding the [TMZN_OFS] tag, but in WFS everything is displayed correctly.
  4. Bitmap added in Complication is not displayed in WFS, when loaded on a watch, it is displayed correctly.
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I got it and will report these.


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[HR] value is all over the place when applied to the watch face.

Using [HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME] and [HR_IS_MEASURING] values to figure it out without any success. {HR] defaults to “0” for a while, then it gets a single measurement and stays there forever, regardless of the system “continuous” heart measuring setup, displayed correctly in all other parts of the watch.

Fonts issue: many designers prefer proportionally spaced numbers, for example “11” close together without a huge space in between. In most software (all Adobe) it’s handled by calling for “proportional lining” vs standard “tabular lining,” the only option available in WFS.

Building custom fonts with proportional metrics is so 1960, we solved this issue decades ago. It takes a long time to design a custom font with new metrics for the (almost) correct proportional spacing in WFS, all data needed to apply proportional spacing already exists in font metrics, it would make sense to have such option available without hours of extra work for each font.