Status display on Galaxy S21+ screen when it is off

On the Galaxy S9+ there was a led indicator that let you know if you had text or email or messages and if the battery was low when the screen was off.

On the Galaxy S21+ I note that there is dimmed text when the phone is charging indicating the time left to full charge. e.g.

69% 41m until full

Is is possible to implement a similar system for unread messages and emails? Either an icon or text? It should be faint like the charging indicator. If there is concern about burnout then it should be easy to make the icon move around the screen.

The rationale is that there are situations (e.g. in meetings) where you need to glance at the phone to check for a message or email without activating the screen.



Turn off Power Saving Mode and turn on Always on Display in the Lock Screen Settings. Customize your Always on Display.

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