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On the watch, the goal can be reached and go further than 100%

Goal is set to 5000 steps
User has 10000 steps
Goal has been reached and progress is now 200%

You cannot go beyond 100% in GWD, so you cannot test what your watch face displays when the goal is reached and the user has more steps than their goal

You can check how your watch face reacts when steps goal is reached and the user has more steps than their goal

You can check it on the Build but not in the 'Run" ,
when you go to the time line in the step% you can go beyond the 100% area and it will show up in the build area but not in RUN.
I agree with you, but the step% bar logically cannot be infinite because step targets and % are totally variables, so they have to stop at some point , in this case 100%

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But your suggestion of connecting the goal to the step % is correct.
just now the two are not connected at all
We probably will have to let Ron Know

Steps and % Steps Goal appear to be two different variables that GWD reads. But I can suggest that the run window allow a goal number and GWD create a percentage based on that.

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This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and they understand the requirement and are working on implementing this but it won’t be in time for the GWD 1.8.1 release.

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