Stop upscaling photos from S21 Ultra telephoto lenses from 10MP to 12MP to increase quality

So, as you probably know, the 3x telephoto and 10x telephoto sensors on the Galaxy S21 Ultra both have native 10 MP resolution. However, samsung takes upscaled 12 MP images resulting in more blur which has to be compensated by more sharpening and generally results in lower quality picture with more artifacts.

I think that in order to stay competitive with the best cameras on Android flagship, Samsung needs to stop with this unnecessary upscaling which only destroys image quality and clarity.

Also consider tuning the image processing for low light photography and low light videos (especially low light videos are still much worse on Exynos variant compared to snapdragon) and also tone down the oversharpening on the Ultrawide camera in auto mode.

100% agreed…at the very least, make it an option, bury it in the menus if you don’t want casual users to find it…


Agreed. Photos from the hacked GCam builds show much better results, I’m sure the lack of upscaling and less sharpening helps.
Pity those of us on Exynos versions can’t use it because 3rd party apps can’t access the telephoto lenses.

100% agreed. Either they provide us option to retain pics in 10 or 12 megapixel. all pics in 12 megapixel are soft and have less details in 3x and 10x telephoto lens.