Sunrise sunset, moonrise moonset time, sleep time, active time ... in gws

Hi, as i mentioned above, this is essential addition to galaxy watch compared to those-already -long -available on apple watch, fitbit, garmin, huawei…

I think samsung should add sunrise sunset moonrise moonset time, sleep time/score, active time … complications to be more competitive to other rivals and also fulfill our wish the developers and even the end users.

Thanks and i hope i can get more votes to make it come true

Yes, and please do it so, that the watch face obtains the sunset/sunrise infos from same source as the preinstalled ones do. Do not make the watch collect the GPS data on its own and waste battery on that.

I might be wrong about this, sunrise/sunset data is provided by 3rd party weather data services. If that’s the case, then you have to subscribe to the paid weather data service.