Sync Animation to Real Time Clock

So are we Saying it is not possible to sync an Animation or Multimedia clip to the RTC on FWS . Sadly I can not come up with the maths to Animate my Geneva in Real Time . I have tried on TWO Platforms now . I can sync my animation to the action on the other Platform but only with their Wake timer but not to the RTC .
Unless there is a Mathematical Wizard here who can help me with a Formula for Live action looks like it is a No Go what I am trying to do .


GENEVA_DRIVE_TEST_1673374271972 (2.9 MB)

There are trigger actions now which is a big improvement.

Depending on the complexity of the animation you can make it a watch hand or a series of them. but that may be clunky.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Ron . As always thanks for your response . I looked a t the Triggers . They do not seem to sync much on WFS . But the simple act of working through what you have laid before me put in my mind the Idea of just switching the frames on and off when I want . It is only a dozen frames . I have done that sort of thing before in another Life. Again I thank you for being there . I wonder when you sleep or is there a team of Ron s that are all just as Friendly . I think single handed you might be responsible for the Spirit of this Community .

Hi Rusty, I will try to prepare you formula tomorrow. If I for forget, here are some clues to check meanwhile, maybe you can figure it too.

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Ha Ha. The Cavalry has arrived. I will look at that. Comming from the Trial and Error School of maths I will surprise myself if I get any where.
I am working on a Frame By Frame at the moment. Thanks Very Much for joining in.

I’ve been accused of that before. Actually I am retired and only do this part time.


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Thanks again for being there . You welcomed me on GWS .