Text Align Along Curved/Circular Path

Text aligns along a circular or curved path request has been discussed in the old dev forum, but I can’t remember what was the conclusion and can’t find any in feature request.

Related Menu or Feature:
Text Component (step counts, battery% burned calorie…etc)

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Add circular text alignment

Text on a circular path would open up many design possibilities.

I’m pretty sure this was discussed and rejected but I’ll request it again.
I think the answer last time was you need to do it in Photoshop or some other design tool.

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When its plain text, it can be easily prepared in external tool, but other texts and numbers in sync with changing data are not the case.

Sorry, I’m referring to Text Components such as step counts value on a circular path.

I get it now I’ll suggest it. Spacing might be an issue with bitmap fonts.

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