Text to speech with Javascript / Bixby

Hi all.

Does anyone happen to have a simple and working Javascript text-to-speech example with Bixby chosen as the text-to-speech service in any Samsung phone? No matter what I do…any of my +50 phones are dead silent until Google is chosen as the device’s text-to-speech service.


This site may help you to solve your problem. You can check here if your used tag are supported by bixby.

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Thank you for the link. SSML is only for web audio when it works though, and the problem is that when using text to speech on any web page, using a Samsung phone, it doesn’t work when Bixby is the default speech engine. If Google is chosen, text to speech works. But it’s impopssible to ask all web site visitors to change to Google if they’re using a Samsung phone…

So does anyone have a working Javascript / Bixby example?