Text top/bottom alignment options

In GWD the text insert options ( for predefined parameters such as Battery, Steps, HR etc) has text alignment options for left , right and center alignment. However, when we create certain angled options with HR/Steps/Battery, it would also be needed to have top /bottom alignment to have the text rotate along the circle properly with the pivot set at 180,180. These text as it stands do not provide options for top/bottom alignment and it would be easier to make space optimised designs.

Just so I know how to submit this to the GWS development team. Why can’t you just have the height of the text box the same so there is no top or bottom alignment?

Samsung Developer Program

Hello Ron,
the original reason was here Text alignment for Steps/HR
When the text has to move around an arc, it can be done rotating oversized text field around its centre while horizontally alignment to either side. If you wanted the text to be moved around same circular path, but with bottom or top towards the centre of path, then horizontal alignment is not sufficient any more and vertical would be useful.

Hi Ron

In my mind there are 2 ways of doing it.

  1. Providing the top/bottom alignment option.
  2. Independently change the pivot point.

In the current setup neither is possible, and the text is fixed at the center and the pivot also there. So movement along the arc of the watch face isnt possible