TOP countries with a rating of 0 or minimal reviews

Good afternoon, representatives of Samsung!
I am writing to you as one of the developers.
Recently, I began to notice that brands such as Little Labs and SWKN began to occupy the first positions in the TOP countries of the world.
I am very interested in how they can occupy the first positions in all countries without having feedback on their work, they have no rating, no PR shares and marketing at all.
If this continues, then all developers will simply lose their positions for which they spent a lot of time and energy working with their audience.

I believe their method, like many others, is to provide a lot of free coupons for their faces, which gives a lot of downloads, then switch to paid apps.

I don’t know how this is done, but when there is a TOP of 1 country and there is no 1 review, it is very strange

Top lists are not based on reviews, it is number of downloads :frowning: