Traffic stats on apps and store pages

Statistics are extremely important to be able to see the effect marketing and designs are having. Right now I’m putting a lot of effort in marketing my products outside the store in hopes to drive traffic to the store.

Even if I can setup things outside of the store, I have no idea what my conversion rate is when it comes to people browsing the store itself. Marketing being extremely hard since the store is pretty much flooded with new watch faces all the time, I don’t have a clue if people are finding my faces.

Stats on visitors, and perhaps image views, time spent on page etc. would be extremely valuable and help make better choices going forward. Like what thumbnails have the best effect, is the copy good, are the designs good etc. the stats can give some hints on.


Hi there. That feature is great. Also, It would be great if you can see the time spent in pages and see the average bettween page visited and click on Buy button.

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An update on this request.

We launched the User acquisition analytics features. It has traffic analysis such as page view counts, conversion per each channel, source.
Menu tree is : Seller GSS Home > pick up a content > User acquisition

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