Tutorials on how to promote applications in paid channels

Please provide tutorials on how developers and designers can promote their application in social media and/or other paid channels.

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We are working on the social media guideline for seller which should be released shortly. If there is a need for a tool to automate, expedite creation of the social media posting cross-platform, I would love to hear your ideas.

In the mean time, check out this blog by Tony and how to create amazing lifestyle pictures for a social media:

Always, remember to use Galaxy Badge short urls e.g. galaxy.store/ in your social post which helps consumers to find your items easily. When you use these short links, you can measure the page views and downloads that you received from your social media in Seller Portal/Statistics//Attribution. You can create these links on Seller Portal (only for items for sale) or at SDP Dashboard (even for items not yet for sale) - program.developer.samsung.com.

Lastly, Samsung device pictures are available here:

Additional articles how to promote content in social media is now included in the new Marketing Resources section.