Unable to login to portal

When I try to login into developer’s portal I am getting this error :
" Sign up Failed

You have asked to delete your Samsung Account.
Please try again later.

I have never asked to delete my account! As the matter of fact I did not yet registered as a developer, I only have my Samsung account used with my devices.

But now I want to register as a developer to I can publish my apps to Galaxy store.

Should I created completely separate account (with different email) for developer purpose!?
I aslo cannot find any support from Samsung to ask for help :frowning:

You should be able to sign in to the Developer Portal with your Samsung Account can you sign into samsung.com?

I can help you with this but if you did ask to delete your account you can’t use it again.

Samsung Developer Relations

I can login into samsung.com no problems. I use Samsung account on my android devices. And I do not think I even wanted to delete my account


I contacted the team that oversees the Samsung Accounts and they fixed it, You should be able to log into both Samsung.com and sign up for Developer Program now.

Thanks for reporting it. It is a very rare error and should not happen again.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi. It does not work. Still shows that I requested deletion :frowning:

Same problem !! @r.liechty_SDP Could you help me please ???

I’ll contact you via private message


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