[URGENT] Limit number of coupons per developer due to abuse practice

Today I have also seen how some individuals can fraudulently pick up a watch face to the top 500 using a auto generator for coupons. It makes me really sick. When will this change? It’s an unfair deal. :frowning:


I also agree!

I constantly see people asking for coupons now, some even demanding them. I’ve almost stop making watch-faces entirely because of it. I suggest that paid only watch-faces can be reviewed. Maybe somehow giving a reviewer a discount for their next purchase after the review set by the creator.


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I also agree!
I constantly see people asking for coupons now, some even demanding them. I’ve almost stop making watch-faces entirely because of it. I suggest that paid only watch-faces can be reviewed. Maybe somehow giving a reviewer a discount for their next purchase after the review set by the creator.

Others have mentioned this as well, but this is actually another very important thing to keep in mind here.

Even if coupon downloads were excluded from the ranking algorithm, the ratings and reviews obtained by giving the watchfaces for free would still remain and influence the customers perception.

Imagine for a second an extreme example - what if car manufacturers would give out free cars to random customers or reviewers, and then ask them to rate and review the cars. Would that be considered fair play?

The Bottom line is this , you want to give your app free to create awareness of your brand, go right ahead.
But on the same token the review tab should be blocked out. No review should be allowed for any app until it is paid for by debit or credit card.(coupons generated /used should not be part of any algorithm used for the ranking system, if it is , it is a major flaw).
Technically there is no difference between the two.


[I will repeat what I comment in a thread about this topic]

Just now, when devs are using a coupon generator, everybody is angry, but BEFORE, a lot, a lot of dev was doing THE SAME THING by sharing a gdocs with the list of coupons, and nobody said nothing.

Marketing strategies? for sure. Because they are sending a lot of people to the galaxy store, by using a hook (very very old technique) people only can use the coupon by adding a payment method first…then, they are inside the store ready to buy something more.

I’m not agree about how coupons are counting like a paid app, maybe just Samsung can improve the algorithm to reduce this scale, but change it at all, no way, then dev will stop using coupons and fewer customers going to the galaxy store, less money for each part.

Do you know guy, that all the customers using coupons through social media, email, or other ways, are only a small percent (less than 1%)of the customers with watches? They are your PRODUCT, take advantage of this.

There’s nothing more to be said. I also think this coupon should stop being spammed. The first comment you get on social networking sites “Coupon for …” Plus countless messages, with the same content. And if you don’t offer tousende coupons, people will scroll by and it’s not interesting. Especially as a beginner / small developer you have almost no chance anymore. When I started half a year ago, there were only a few people with coupons up. Then you could really convince as no developer with your work and at least you got into the top 10. Meanwhile the whole thing has gotten so out of hand that you can’t even get into the top 100 if you don’t offer thousands of coupons. And I think that’s a real pity. I’m happy to generate coupons for special promotions in groups or even on special days, buyers who have bought repeatedly. But the way things are now, sooner or later nobody is willing to pay for the work behind a WF. But I think a limitation of coupons would not help. The only thing you could do to stop this spamming is to stop the coupon sales from being part of the regular sales toplist. I hope and wish very much, that soon the work and the WF will be in the foreground again and not these countless coupons.

Sorry for my English.


I totally agree with you and find it bad what happens in the store. I also use codes every now and then but never to push my work. But I see that I am not alone with my opinion. Sorry for my bad english

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In various Facebook groups, a developer, and I use that term loosely, just posted a link to a spreadsheet where he listed 300 coupons… I just don’t get the reasoning…

According to my humble opinion, it is nothing but insecurity, I maybe wrong but thats what i think

Yep, totally agree with all that’s been said here. Far too many faces that really don’t have any value but since they only change a small detail, it’s another new face that pushes mine further down the list. It’s difficult enough for the people who do take a lot of time and effort to perfect their face, to get any hang time on the “New” page.

I strongly agree on having a limit for coupons. Since we are not aware of all the unethical methods companies use to promote or even create their themes a restriction is needed, just in case. Also the “algorithm” should be updated to not take coupons into account as sales (again to prevent the misuse of coupons), this way only the more organic sales are taken into account. I don’t know what this exact limit should be but hopefully the Samsung Team can figure that one out :slight_smile:

I support this idea, this procedure destroys the store. And maybe after implementation of new rules there should be restart of positioning the content.

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LOL @ Urarity… now offering hundreds of coupons for a free face… guess the OP likes unlimited coupons now :slight_smile:

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It’s been several weeks since reporting this and everything is absolutely the same.

So now we will run a test. We’ve picked one app and I will see how high we can push it up by using coupons. This app is a low performing watchface, so we will not be making any significant financial gain. It is not even in top 50 of our watchfaces. Just to be clear - we are doing this on an old watchface, not on one of our recent top selling apps that have ended up high in the charts without using coupons.

I will happily report back the results!


Is there anything new about this ? :roll_eyes:

  • Or nothing will be done ? :thinking:

This is how a brand new watch face released on Friday afternoon (Europe) has climbed up to top 3 over night. Giving away extremely lare number of free coupons and making people believe a paid watch face is a freebie. Isn’t this manipulation of the people and the Galaxy store algorithm?

:thinking: Which watch faces go to the top paid - the ones that are so good that people are ready to pay for or the freebies?

Please, open the pdf attached at the end of the post.


screencapture-facebook-matteodiniwatchfaces-posts-503076647033015-2020-03-28-09_42_43.pdf (2.5 MB)

You probably haven’t read all the posts above.

I was the FIRST to report this thing many months ago.
"URARITY" that started this post (and guys from Samsung dev), can confirm it.

We also reported this problem to the latest SDC 19 in San Josè.

As I have already written in the posts above, I was FORCED to use the coupons to stay competitive.

I have seen a 60% decrease in downloads since everyone started using the coupon system.
And I couldn’t stand by and watch. This is my main job.

I repeat, reread all posts from the beginning instead of doing PDF or other.

And I have already proposed to limit the amount of coupons per month.


I’ve been reporting this for months !!!
And anyone in Samsung Dev can confirm it!

And I’m tired of doing this like I already wrote in the posts above.

BTW, the watch faces you see on your local Top List have all been pushed with this system.
You should prepare a PDF for everyone.

And these are the coupons that you generate for your audience too:

Why don’t you create a PDF for this too?

Is that clear to you right now?


I really want to point out that putting the spotlight on Matteo Dini about this matter is totally unfair. He really was the first to open this subject last year!

Without his post asking for changes, things would’ve been even worse. This was all in the old forum, and I am sure many remember that discussion.

Not only that, he was the first to reply to my post here in the new forum too and the first one to vote.

So, pointing the finger at him is completely unfair. In fact, pointing the finger at any developer at this point is unfair, because many are forced to use coupons now simply because everyone else is doing it.

When I started this thread, my goal was NOT to put blame at anyone and especially not at Matteo who has been discussing this with me for a long while now. I want Samsung to take action, not have us fight about this among ourselves.


I don’t think there would be any finger pointing if we could get a response from Samsung… even to the effect of “we are looking into this to see if changes are warranted”, instead of silence.

Ron asked for examples to be sent via DM or email, not out in public :slight_smile:


I agree that there’s no point in pointing fingers at individual developers about this.
Just from the top of my head I could name about 10 developers who I’ve seen using this method regularly to get a push in the Top lists. And I’m sure there’s a lot more.

I also understand the frustration though, because in the meantime others who don’t use these methods also release their new work but it doesn’t get a chance to be recognized as much without offering everything for free.
It seems like more and more users are used to getting only the watch faces which offer free coupons, to the point where I’ve seen comments on social media of users getting frustrated about some paid watch faces not being available for free, and comments like “where did the coupon generator go?” or “why isn’t there a coupon generator for this!?”.
This is completely ridiculous.

The issue itself is not with the individual developers, but with the way system works for coupons and Top lists - there’s a “loophole” which needs to be fixed, and people will take advantage of it while they can.

If an app is acquired through a free coupon, I believe it shouldn’t get pushed in the “Paid” section at all - only if it’s actually paid for.
Limiting the coupons per developer could help as well, as well as removing the option to leave a rating when using a coupon. But now I’m just repeating most of the suggestions already stated in posts above.

We need a response from Samsung about this, if any fix is being worked on, or at least considered.