USB connection alert

My phone keeps giving me the USB connection connected-disconnected alert non stop.
Even after restarting the phone both normal ways.
Aka restart button and shutdown button with manual startup.
The alert keeps being displayer non stop switching between the two.

I saw there was a problem with Google Assistant doing this do you have that? That was a menu option to turn it off.

You can change notifications to detail and that may show you what it is connecting and disconnecting too.

This is not the correct forum for end product bug reports, questions or concerns. This forum is for 3rd party developer issues. I would recommend you post at → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community.

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed at some point but I’ll leave it open for a short time in case others have suggestions.

If you feel this is a 3rd party developer issue please explain more.

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