Use back facing wide angle camera

Is there a way to use the wide angle camera (not the front facing one) of Samsung devices?

The device only reports one logical back facing camera, with no physical camera ids, and the REQUEST_AVAILABLE_CAPABILITIES_LOGICAL_MULTI_CAMERA key is not in the supported capabilities.

Can I open the wide angle camera using the Samsung Camera SDK?
Should I even use it, as it is soon to be deprecated?

As far I know you can use super wide angle camera of S10 using Camera ID=2.

Please check the camera list using

What is your device model? It would not be wise decision to use SCamera SDk as it will be deprecated from next year.

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i have a galaxy A71 and i would like to get access to the wide camera in my android application.
However, when i try to get the camera list i only have two cameras listed (id=0 and id=1) ! (classical back and front cameras)

Previously, on the s10 there was a third camera id (id=2) to use the wide camera, … but not on the A71