Vector drawable xml support

I have a couple suggestions. First is about freedom and creativity for those who wish to construct more advanced themes. For example with the quick setting icons and settings icons, almost all themes look the exact same. Our options are so limited due to hex changing options only. In Android 5.0 (sdk 24) Vector drawable xml support was added. In order to replace the Quick settings or settings icons with images now a few things would need to happen. Again keep in mind this is for advanced designers that truly wish to stand out and let their creativity shine. Option number 1 is that we would set the color of the icons to the hex #ffffffff (white) and then in our vector we would add this to it
" android:tintMode=“multiply” which then would allow our vectors to show up perfectly and replace the original image which currently is likely a vector but also likely controlled in colors.xml
The other option which also would work is to set the icon color to transparent (#00000000) and use
Vectors allow for cleaner and more precision and also can be scaled perfectly without losing image quality as png format does. It also allows for a smaller size.

The other request is to allow for drawable xml for some dialogs. For example using layer-list or shape drawable xml’s would allow for better images too. There really is no reason these can’t be supported. This would really let us show off our creativity. As nice as our template is, there really isn’t enough freedom for us to shine and these are a few areas that could really enhance our themes.

So this would allow the designer to have the choice to either use the current option of hex coloring for quick setting icons and settings app icons or they could go the route of using vector xmls. Here’s an example icon made using vector xml that could be a settings icon. Take a look at it either in android studio or shape shifter or something else. it’s pixel (1.0 KB) (1.0 KB)