Weather Complication and Tag

Weather Complication / Tag Request

These features are requested to be added:

  • Tag to access current temperature in area
  • Tag to access high/low temperature of day in area
  • Tag to access likelihood of rain in area
  • Built in complication to view above stated from the providers submenu

Thank you for your vote,
Michael Vander Ploeg
MVP IT Solutions

I have this added as a feature request but I"m not sure it is possible under the new privacy regulations. Iā€™m not saying it is impossible so the suggestion is entered. Others should vote on this to show that there is a large desire for it.

The way the data privacy regulations are worded an app maker must inform users what data is collected and what is shared and how it is shared. So if they were to share the information in an open API they can not control how it is used.
Therefore the methodology is to create a complication that is shared but still owned by the app developer (in this case weather app)

Samsung Developer Relations

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