Websites' dark mode gets overridden by Samsung Internet's default dark mode


I am working on a website where we have implemented dark mode according to w3’s specifications.

We are facing an issue where Samsung Internet forces its own color scheme regardless if we have specified the value Prefer Media Query Over Force Dark on the Force Dark Behaviour property in internet://flags.

I have followed a blog post where it mentions adding the <meta name=”color-scheme” content=”light dark”> in the head element to the website but the browser’s default dark mode theme still overrides the website’s styles.

This is reproducible in the example provided in the blog post: https://dark-mode-baseline.glitch.m/

Given: Prefer Media Query Over Force Dark is set for Force Dark Behaviour in internet://flags and the meta["color-scheme"][content="light dark"] exists

Expected: The browser applies the websites’ dark mode
Actual: The browser applies Samsung Internet’s dark mode

I am using version on Android 12

Is the issue is reproducible on Samsung internet beta v19? You will find it on the play store. They might have fixed it on this version.

I tried with beta version and can reproduce the same behaviour there