WFS Widescreenphobia

Anybody else having problems with WFS on a wide-screen monitor?


  • Can’t Save/Save As
  • Run On Device hangs

All is good if I just move WFS to a smaller display.

I found an interesting entry in the attached:

[wfs-1.5.7][main][08/27/23, 11:28:46][replyWithError(browser_init:2)] Error occurred in handler for ‘SEND_SCREENSHOT_DATA’: [Error: VipsImage: memory area too small — should be 810000 bytes, you passed 518400]

I smell an Unhandled Exception :face_vomiting:

main.log (2.6 KB)

How Wide of a screen ?

Please report this as a bug via the Developer Support Request

Samsung Developer Relations

Done 4u.