What are the technical capabilities/specs of themes?

I might be interested in making one, but I don’t see an API, spec, etc.

Eg can my theme change based on location, date, or time? Does it know gyro/compass orientation, or only something like degrees off from “normal”? How exactly do animated or angle dependent themes work? Can it incorporate data from an app? What are the elements & their sizes? What icons can be customized? Can one process an to customize it to fit the theme, or do they have to be pre bundled? Etc…

There are no programming or programming elements to a theme, which is why, if you are a graphic designer, for example, you can apply for a theme partnership, having limited technical knowledge. Themes only change certain graphical elements of the display, and they aren’t controlled by the features you described. It would be nice if they did though :slight_smile: :grin: