Whats does 'Sync to Device' under Text Appearance mean?

I am not sure about the meaning of ‘Sync to Device’ under Text Appearance in WFS: does it mean it syncs the WFS default font to the watch (keeping the look of the font same as set in WFS) or does it mean it uses whatever the watch has set as the default font (which would be bad since then the design would fall apart)?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance.

For a text box it is the users settings if they change the font in the Watch Display settings

If you expand that setting you can see the other ones provided by WFS or you can add your own custom fonts as most the top designers do. The user’s changes will not override your changes when you set the font style as they are not synced to device.

There is another sync to device setting for time and that only applies to the time language to sync with the mobile’s language setting.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you so much for your insightful explanation - it made things very clear - very much appreciated.