Why I cannot use all features of Galaxy Watch 4 on my Android 10.0 smartphone?

I use an Android 10.0 smartphone, and I preordered the new Galaxy Watch 4. I ordered it by trusting wearOS which is developing with Google and Samsung. After some searching, I have found something really sad. I cannot use all features of the new Watch 4. I have a couple of questions.
If I try to download the Samsung Health App apk, I cannot open it on my phone.

First I want to say if you downloaded Samsung Health on the Play store you cannot use ECG and blood pressure measurement.

1- If this device (Watch 4 ) coming with wearOS why I cannot use all features(especially health stuff) on my Android phone?
2- If this device support Google Play, why do we need a Galaxy store for downloading the Samsung health app?
3- If it is an Android-based smartwatch why is Samsung forcing us to buy Galaxy phones?

My shipping date Is 10 September, If I cannot find a solution I have to cancel my order. Before buying, I asked Samsung US about this situation and they told me you can use all features with your Android phone, but this is not true.

Is it possible to find a solution? Please help me.

This is not the right forum for end products but I’ll try to help. If you are reading that Health is not available on this forum it is because the Watch Face Designers can’t directly access the functionality not that the Samsung Health and Samsung Health monitor (from Play Store) do not work on other Android mobiles.

As far as I can tell by the description on Play Store you can use Samsung Health and Galaxy Watch4. The older watches do not support ECG and O2 levels but I believe Watch 3 and 4 do.
There is talk about a blood pressure measurement but I don’t think it is available at this time. The medical apps have to be approved by each country before they are enabled in that country.

Hope this helps you decide but ask others maybe on your service providers community.

Samsung Developer Relations.