2014 - 2013 TV install app from seller office infinit loading

we have tested our app locally on 2014-2013 TVs and the app is working well but after submitting the app on seller office and Samsung team started testing they reported issue that the app not starting and show only loading screen with a black background and sent to us the following logs

Line 2904: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() start
Line 2905: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() Path = [/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688/styles/vendor-636c9463f7.css]
Line 2906: 1050]pszPath and pszPath_img .spm file is not exist…[/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688_img/styles/vendor-636c9463f7.css.spm]
Line 2908: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() start
Line 2909: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() Path = [/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688/styles/app-8d55f7843a.css]
Line 2910: pszPath and pszPath_img .spm file is not exist…[/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688_img/styles/app-8d55f7843a.css.spm]
Line 2997: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() start
Line 2998: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() Path = [/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688/scripts/vendor-12a4e0c3a6.js]
Line 2999: pszPath and pszPath_img .spm file is not exist…[/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688_img/scripts/vendor-12a4e0c3a6.js.spm]
Line 3001: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() start
Line 3002: UI_decryptedDataBuffer() Path = [/mtd_down/widgets/normal/111399000688/scripts/app-59a673a23e.js]

we think that the issue is coming from the repackaging process done on the seller office, so does anyone face the above issue as we are assured that our app is working well form our side and the issue is coming from Samsung itself