Automate with ADB & HDMI


I automate testing of android apps using Appium, so through an ADB connection to the devices. I now want to get the video stream of the screen through HDMI (on compatible devices like S23 or XCover6).

So I use an USB-C adapter with an HDMI output. But now I don’t have anymore access to ADB through USB… here are the potential ideas to go further :

  • connect the RJ45 port of the adapter and use ADB through the network, but this need to be setup again at each restart of the device, with an ADB command, having direct USB connection (disconnect the usb-c adapter, connecter the device to the pc, activate adb over network, reconnect the adapter)
    ==> perhaps we could automate this with something like a USB Switch that could be remotely controlled to switch from usb-c adapter to the USB-Computer cable ? I don’t find anything like this for now

  • find a way to use the device on adb while having the usb-c adapter connected ? is this even possible ?

If anyone did the same things or have a good idea, thanks for your help !

Hello benoit.boireau,

Does the Wireless debugging option (ADB over WiFi) not work for your use case?

Same issue with Wifi : adb is disabled after reboot. There are some kind of solutions but it imply rooting the devices, and some of the apps I need to automate require non-rooted device.