Can I edit watchface XML file without breaking the package

Trying to copy some code from one watch to another (because I cannot figure out how to do it in wfs). The code makes a small hand move to measure heartrate. So an analog heart monitor rather than digital.

I have one watchface which does something similar. I took the wfs, renamed it zip and extracted the XML file. Then I located the pertinent action sequence.

On the target watch, same process. Extract XML, edit and save. Zip. Rename as wfs but post this the studio says invalid package.

Is this feasible? Or not at all? Any other way to copy the code sequence. Or achieve this? I am trying to create analog hands for heart rate, steps and battery

Thanks a lot.

Heart rate add an image of a hand Rotate using tag [HR] * 1.5 (0- 240 times 1.5 for 0 - 360 degrees)
There are tags for Step percent and Battery percent. rotate those images by 3.6 for 0 - 360 degrees

Hope this helps.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you! This is perfect!