Can I increase the number of steps through API?

Can I increase the number of steps through API?
I want to increase the number of Samsung health steps through API in my app.

API is a platform from where youcan get data for using in your app. You can get data of Samsung health app through shealth SDK by calling API.
However you can insert/increase step count value by using data viewer.
Follow the instructions for using data viewer:

Turn on developer mode of your phone.
Got to settings and tap five times on build number of phone.

To turn developer mode, go to
S Health --> Settings --> About S Health.
Now tap 10 to 15 times quickly on the version number. You will see
(Developer Mode). . .

Goto following link from your phone and download Samsung Digital Health SDK.

Extract the zip file and install the DataViewer apk from the following location
Extracted folder --> HealthData_v1.2.1 --> Tools -->DataViewer-1.2.0.apk

Open DataViewer app. Click “MORE” from upper right corner and click on “Connect to S Health”. Then turn on the necessary permission.
Now you can see the all data by clicking on each data type.
You can insert data by add new.
Or you can export data in a CSV file by clicking on
MORE --> Export Data --> Select your required data type --> Click on “SAVE”.

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