Can Samsung Galaxy App support Firebase Cloud Messaging?

Hi, if i build an app on Samsung Galaxy App Store do I use the same SDK which I use for Google Play Store?

Does the Samsung Galaxy App Store support applications that build with Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications?

Hello paint.touchlives

=> It’s up to you. You can use whichever you prefer.

=> As per my understanding, there will be no issue with it.

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Apps can support Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). FCM is a cross-platform messaging solution provided by Google, and it can be used to send notifications and messages to users of Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy devices.

To use FCM in your Samsung Galaxy app, you need to integrate the Firebase SDK into your app. This involves creating a Firebase project, adding your app to the project, and configuring your app to use FCM. Once you have set up FCM in your app, you can use the Firebase console or the Firebase API to send messages to your users.

Keep in mind that FCM is a service provided by Google, and it requires an internet connection to function. You should also ensure that your app complies with Google Play policies regarding notifications and messaging.