Can you change Project Size from 450x450?

I’m trying to create a watch face specifically for a 360x360 resolution watch and keep running into slight imperfections around scaling and positioning because I can’t figure out how to change the project size from 450x450 and get a 1:1 view in the editor.

There seems to be input fields for width and height when creating a new project, but it doesn’t let me enter new values here. Is this possible to do? And if not, why are width and height displayed as input fields rather than just labels?

Make your project in a resolution of 450x450, and the watch should scale it properly after installing the face. We all do this in WFS and the faces are supported by watches from other manufacturers with no problem.

I believe the smaller Galaxy Watch / Classic Galaxy Watch are 396 x 396. The larger Galaxy Watch and Classic Galaxy Watch are 450 x 450

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The fact that we create faces in a resolution of 450x450 does not matter. The watches will scale them to their displays. Despite creating in this higher resolution, when adding a project to a Chinese store, I am still forced to select the “396x396” field

and the project is accepted without any problems.
It works the same in the google store.


My apology for any confusion. It is exactly as Szewcu72 said. I was trying to enforce what he was saying not disagreeing.

I thank him as always he has been a great aid to other designers.

Samsung Developer Relations

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