Conflict issue with and firebase


I am implementing app, but I met conflict library issue.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Duplicate class found in modules protobuf-java-3.9.1.jar ( and protobuf-lite-3.0.1.jar (

For using samsungblockchain sdk and transfer api, I should use protobuf. wihtout protobuf, I got the runtime error.

I used firebase. firebase used protobuf-lite internelly and maybe it causes confilict. Do you know how to solve the issue? Thank you.

I found similar problems, but it doesn’t work for me.

It is my gradle file.

apply plugin: ""


 * The react.gradle file registers a task for each build variant (e.g. bundleDebugJsAndAssets
 * and bundleReleaseJsAndAssets).
 * These basically call `react-native bundle` with the correct arguments during the Android build
 * cycle. By default, bundleDebugJsAndAssets is skipped, as in debug/dev mode we prefer to load the
 * bundle directly from the development server. Below you can see all the possible configurations
 * and their defaults. If you decide to add a configuration block, make sure to add it before the
 * `apply from: "../../node_modules/react-native/react.gradle"` line.
 * project.ext.react = [
 *   // the name of the generated asset file containing your JS bundle
 *   bundleAssetName: "",
 *   // the entry file for bundle generation
 *   entryFile: "",
 *   //
 *   bundleCommand: "ram-bundle",
 *   // whether to bundle JS and assets in debug mode
 *   bundleInDebug: false,
 *   // whether to bundle JS and assets in release mode
 *   bundleInRelease: true,
 *   // whether to bundle JS and assets in another build variant (if configured).
 *   // See
 *   // The configuration property can be in the following formats
 *   //         'bundleIn${productFlavor}${buildType}'
 *   //         'bundleIn${buildType}'
 *   // bundleInFreeDebug: true,
 *   // bundleInPaidRelease: true,
 *   // bundleInBeta: true,
 *   // whether to disable dev mode in custom build variants (by default only disabled in release)
 *   // for example: to disable dev mode in the staging build type (if configured)
 *   devDisabledInStaging: true,
 *   // The configuration property can be in the following formats
 *   //         'devDisabledIn${productFlavor}${buildType}'
 *   //         'devDisabledIn${buildType}'
 *   // the root of your project, i.e. where "package.json" lives
 *   root: "../../",
 *   // where to put the JS bundle asset in debug mode
 *   jsBundleDirDebug: "$buildDir/intermediates/assets/debug",
 *   // where to put the JS bundle asset in release mode
 *   jsBundleDirRelease: "$buildDir/intermediates/assets/release",
 *   // where to put drawable resources / React Native assets, e.g. the ones you use via
 *   // require('./image.png')), in debug mode
 *   resourcesDirDebug: "$buildDir/intermediates/res/merged/debug",
 *   // where to put drawable resources / React Native assets, e.g. the ones you use via
 *   // require('./image.png')), in release mode
 *   resourcesDirRelease: "$buildDir/intermediates/res/merged/release",
 *   // by default the gradle tasks are skipped if none of the JS files or assets change; this means
 *   // that we don't look at files in android/ or ios/ to determine whether the tasks are up to
 *   // date; if you have any other folders that you want to ignore for performance reasons (gradle
 *   // indexes the entire tree), add them here. Alternatively, if you have JS files in android/
 *   // for example, you might want to remove it from here.
 *   inputExcludes: ["android/**", "ios/**"],
 *   // override which node gets called and with what additional arguments
 *   nodeExecutableAndArgs: ["node"],
 *   // supply additional arguments to the packager
 *   extraPackagerArgs: []
 * ]

project.ext.react = [
    entryFile: "index.js",
    enableHermes: false,  // clean and rebuild if changing

 * Set this to true to create two separate APKs instead of one:
 *   - An APK that only works on ARM devices
 *   - An APK that only works on x86 devices
 * The advantage is the size of the APK is reduced by about 4MB.
 * Upload all the APKs to the Play Store and people will download
 * the correct one based on the CPU architecture of their device.
def enableSeparateBuildPerCPUArchitecture = false

 * Run Proguard to shrink the Java bytecode in release builds.
def enableProguardInReleaseBuilds = false

 * The preferred build flavor of JavaScriptCore.
 * For example, to use the international variant, you can use:
 * `def jscFlavor = 'org.webkit:android-jsc-intl:+'`
 * The international variant includes ICU i18n library and necessary data
 * allowing to use e.g. `Date.toLocaleString` and `String.localeCompare` that
 * give correct results when using with locales other than en-US.  Note that
 * this variant is about 6MiB larger per architecture than default.
def jscFlavor = 'org.webkit:android-jsc:+'

 * Whether to enable the Hermes VM.
 * This should be set on project.ext.react and mirrored here.  If it is not set
 * on project.ext.react, JavaScript will not be compiled to Hermes Bytecode
 * and the benefits of using Hermes will therefore be sharply reduced.
def enableHermes = project.ext.react.get("enableHermes", false);

android {
    compileSdkVersion rootProject.ext.compileSdkVersion

    compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

    defaultConfig {
        applicationId "com.twofastlane.cryptomission"
        minSdkVersion rootProject.ext.minSdkVersion
        targetSdkVersion rootProject.ext.targetSdkVersion
        multiDexEnabled true
        versionCode 6
        versionName "1.0.4"
        missingDimensionStrategy 'react-native-camera', 'general'
        vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true
    splits {
        abi {
            enable enableSeparateBuildPerCPUArchitecture
            universalApk false  // If true, also generate a universal APK
            include "armeabi-v7a", "x86", "arm64-v8a", "x86_64"
    signingConfigs {
        debug {
            storeFile file('debug.keystore')
            storePassword 'android'
            keyAlias 'androiddebugkey'
            keyPassword 'android'
        release {
            if (project.hasProperty('MYAPP_RELEASE_STORE_FILE')) {
                storeFile file(MYAPP_RELEASE_STORE_FILE)
                storePassword MYAPP_RELEASE_STORE_PASSWORD
                keyAlias MYAPP_RELEASE_KEY_ALIAS
                keyPassword MYAPP_RELEASE_KEY_PASSWORD
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            signingConfig signingConfigs.debug
        release {
            // Caution! In production, you need to generate your own keystore file.
            // see
            // signingConfig signingConfigs.debug
            signingConfig signingConfigs.release
            minifyEnabled enableProguardInReleaseBuilds
            proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile("proguard-android.txt"), ""
    // applicationVariants are e.g. debug, release
    applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        variant.outputs.each { output ->
            // For each separate APK per architecture, set a unique version code as described here:
            def versionCodes = ["armeabi-v7a": 1, "x86": 2, "arm64-v8a": 3, "x86_64": 4]
            def abi = output.getFilter(OutputFile.ABI)
            if (abi != null) {  // null for the universal-debug, universal-release variants
                output.versionCodeOverride =
                        versionCodes.get(abi) * 1048576 + defaultConfig.versionCode


dependencies {
    repositories {
        flatDir {
            dirs 'aar'

    // library for Blockchain Platform SDK
    implementation name: 'SamsungBlockchainSDK-developers_release_1.1.00', ext: 'aar'

    // network
    implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.6.0'
    implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.6.0'
    implementation 'com.squareup.okhttp3:logging-interceptor:3.8.1'
    implementation ''

    // KeyStore SDK
    implementation name: 'KeystoreSDK_v1.3.0', ext: 'aar'

    // web3j
    implementation 'org.web3j:core:4.2.0-android'

    // Developer mode
    implementation 'org.ini4j:ini4j:0.5.4'

    // ledger
    implementation 'com.ledger.lib:ledger-android-library:1.2.2'

    // dagger
    implementation ''
    annotationProcessor ''

    //Guava for token transfer by supporting dagger
    implementation ''

    // Kotlin
    implementation "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:1.3.50"

    implementation "io.reactivex.rxjava2:rxjava:2.2.8"
    implementation "io.reactivex.rxjava2:rxandroid:2.1.1"

    // Protobuf
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    annotationProcessor "org.eclipse.sisu:org.eclipse.sisu.inject:0.0.0.M5"


    implementation fileTree(dir: "libs", include: ["*.jar"])
    implementation "com.facebook.react:react-native:+"  // From node_modules
    implementation "androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.1.0-rc01"
    implementation "androidx.swiperefreshlayout:swiperefreshlayout:1.1.0-alpha02"
//    implementation project(path: ":@react-native-firebase_auth")
//    implementation project(path: ":@react-native-firebase_firestore")
//    implementation project(path: ":@react-native-firebase_storage")
    implementation ''
    implementation project(path: ":react-native-vector-icons")
    implementation project(path: ":react-native-camera")

    if (enableHermes) {
        def hermesPath = "../../node_modules/hermes-engine/android/";
        debugImplementation files(hermesPath + "hermes-debug.aar")
        releaseImplementation files(hermesPath + "hermes-release.aar")
    } else {
        implementation jscFlavor

// Run this once to be able to run the application with BUCK
// puts all compile dependencies into folder libs for BUCK to use
task copyDownloadableDepsToLibs(type: Copy) {
    from configurations.compile
    into 'libs'

apply from: file("../../node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-android/native_modules.gradle"); applyNativeModulesAppBuildGradle(project)
apply from: "../../node_modules/react-native-vector-icons/fonts.gradle"
apply plugin: ''
googleServices {
    disableVersionCheck = true

apply from: "../../node_modules/react-native/react.gradle"
apply from: "../../node_modules/react-native-code-push/android/codepush.gradle"

I found the temporary solution.

add it in app.gradle for solving confilct


    configurations {
        implementation.exclude module:'proto-google-common-protos'
        implementation.exclude module:'protolite-well-known-types'
        implementation.exclude module:'protobuf-lite'
    packagingOptions {
        exclude 'META-INF/DEPENDENCIES'
        exclude 'META-INF/plexus/components.xml'
        exclude 'plugin.xml'
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It is great to know you already have found a solution and thank you for sharing the solution with the Developer Community.

i.e. For Gradle configuration, you can refer to the ‘Getting-Started ’ page of SDK.


Thank you for answer.

I met issues again.

Once I set configurations, build is ok. samsungwallet transfer works, but google firestore doesn’t work.

I think I should exclude the dependency libraies each implementation. do you know how to exclude libraies each implementation? I am not faimilir with it. Thank you.

    configurations {
        implementation.exclude module:'proto-google-common-protos'
        implementation.exclude module:'protolite-well-known-types'
        implementation.exclude module:'protobuf-lite'
    packagingOptions {
        exclude 'META-INF/DEPENDENCIES'
        exclude 'META-INF/plexus/components.xml'
        exclude 'plugin.xml'


It is really unfortunate that now you are facing issue with google firestore.

You may find some solution in the following Stack Overflow discussion chain. There is a similar issue like you are facing.

The duplicate class issue maybe related with the firestore version that you are using. You can try to downgrade your firestore version.

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