Distance Calculation to 2 Decimal places

just trying to figure out a calculation that will provide consistent 2 decimal places?

My Distance calculation is :

which typically provides me with something like

what I would like is something more like
7.34 or 7.35

so some form of round/floor/…

My formula (crazy formula) for distance in kms:

It’s for 2 decimal places :wink:

My calculation in km with 2 decimal places

Yes, but I have still shows 2 decimals, you not. Example if you walk 2 km, your formula shows 2, my 2.00 :wink:

why do you put everywhere ([sc]*0.000726)*1000 instead of [sc]*0.726 ?

Look here Tags for text

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I’m with @Peter on this one. If you can simplify the math you should do it. Less operations.

thanks all for the information!