Face for wife

My wife asked me to make a face for her Active as well.
One of the requirements was that the dial display information about women’s health. It is at all possible to add this information directly to the dial as well as steps and other similar information.
Thanks for the anwers.

Hi ekky.mi,

Not all Samsung Health information is available. The reason for this is usually it is still being developed and changes with updates. So you can’t have a dial display for Women’s Health. I believe you can open the app from a button though.

The best way to do this is create a button
For interaction select double tap
For Action select Open App
for App scroll down to App Switcher
When you double tap on it the first time you can select any app on your watch after the first time a single tap will open the app.

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I looked at this possibility, but I did not find women’s health there. Then when I set up other applications, the ID wants me and I don’t know how to find out or where to find it. Thanks for answering.

I guess Women’s health is pretty new and probably is only accessible from the Samsung Health app.

If you want other applications there is one way that MAY work
Open Galaxy Store App on your phone
upper right hand corner tap on 3 dots (note if you have updates you will see a number over the dots)
tap on My Page
tap on All
find the app you want to open and tap on it
tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner
select Share
send it to yourself in email
it will send the deeplink ID which is often the app ID but not always.

If you want to try Tizen Studio they have an example program that will generate all app IDs

But the app switcher is the best way to do this it works with any available app.

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Ok thank you for the information.

Hi Ron,

On my Note10+, I don’t see the 3 dots on the Galaxy Store app?

The bottom has the Games and Apps icons. Under Apps, the top third shows ads, and there’s a hamburger menu on the top left. The top right has the gift box and search icons.

yes there has been a store update.

Tap on the hamburger menu
tap on “My Apps”
select the app you want to open
Then you will see the 3 dots menu.

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