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Good afternoon samsung, I would like to know which database you use in the application for Samsung Health

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Internal information of Samsung Health is confidential and can’t be public.
Are you facing any difficulties to implement Samsung Health SDK in your app? Let us know if you need any assistance regarding this, we will try to assist you.

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Hi,yes, I’m sorry, I didn’t ask the question correctly, I’m talking about sdk, I’m making a diploma and wanted to know which database and for what you are using. I would be very grateful if you could help me. The app is called CoolHealthDashboard
P.S Sorry if something is translated incorrectly since I use google translator

I would be very happy if you would answer as quickly as possible

Sorry I can’t understand your query clearly. Which database and app are you talking about? You have said the app is called CoolHealthDashboard. Is it your app?
You can contact through Developer Support to get faster response regarding Samsung Health SDK.
Thank you.

Here is this application, I wanted to know if it has any database,
If I may https://developer.samsung.com/codelab/health/basic-health-dashboard/development.html

You don’t have to implement any database in Basic Health Dashboard app.
Health data are stored in ‘health data store’ which can be accessed after getting connection with it. HealthDataStore class provides connection to the health data store.
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Okay, thank you, could you also tell me what I need to write so that I can add a story about the number of steps taken yesterday or a week ago.
P.S. Хорошо, спасибо, не могли бы вы также сказать мне, что мне нужно написать, чтобы я мог просмотреть историю о количестве шагов, пройденных вчера или неделю назад.